Electron Beam Metallizing

This method of metallizing is similar to evaporative coating in many ways. The main difference is the manner in which the metal is heated and transformed into metal vapor. A beam of high energy electrons is aimed at the source of metal. > View More

Sputter Metallizing

SPutter Metallizing has brought space age technology to the solar control market. This advanced method of coating uses exotic metals which cannot be evaporative coated. > View More

Corrosion Protected Silver

One window film with superior performance is our Corrosion protected Silver. This is a sputtered film with a layer of precious metal silver, encapsulated between two layers of a proprietary super alloy to protect it from corrosion. > View More

Understanding Solar Energy

Solar Radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. All such forms of energy can be expressed as a wavelength. > View More


Security Window Film has it’s place for many businesses as well as home owners, whether you are protecting your structure from Vandalism, Hurricanes, Explosions or any other type of Glass Breakage..

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Frosting window film is an easy to apply self-adhesive vinyl which once applied, gives the appearance of frosted or etch glass to windows, doors and mirrors, and renders the glass opaque..

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With today’s modern home being built with an abundance of glass the need for Home Window Film was never greater, not only does it provide UV protection from the sun’s damaging rays..

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  • The first advantage of window tinting would definitely to make your vehicle look better. For this purpose also, window tinting companies now offer tints in various different shades and colours to avoid all types of customers.
  • With darker windows, the window tinting gives your car a more exclusive look and helps beautify your car further. What more, it can also prove to be a pulling factor in case you want to sell your car in the future as it would help fetch a higher resale value for your car.
  • Another advantage of window tinting is the fact that it helps in health aspects by shielding the car from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. Too much of exposure to UV rays could cause you health complications such as skin cancer, thus this is an important reason to install window tints for your car.

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