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Why Use Residential Window Film?

With today’s modern home being built with an abundance of glass the need for Home Window Film was never greater, not only does it provide UV protection from the sun’s damaging rays but it also reduces the sun’s radiant heat from entering your home through the glass. Our patented line of Suntec tint centre film has been shown to reduce the temperature in a structure by up to 15º.

Why Use Commercial Window Film For Your Structure?

In today’s modern architecture having a window friendly environment is a main focus during the design process of building a new structure. We all love windows in our lives it is the connection with the outdoors that makes us want that window seat on an airline or a restaurant, working in an office with no windows is not something most people want, most people strive for that corner office with windows.

Residential Window Film
The solution is using Residential Window Tinting Film, it can: 1. Reduce your homes interior temperature in a large great room by up to 15º 2. Allow your family to enjoy the great room again by reducing glare can be reduced by up to 85% 3. Reduce the damaging UV rays from entering your home by 99.9% 4. Save Money and Energy by using our line of home window films

Commercial Window Film
The solution to the problems modern architecture creates is Commercial Window Film. Using Commercial Window Tinting Film will: 1. Reduce the temperature in a large glass structure by up to 15º 2. Allow your employees to be more efficient because glare can be reduced by up to 85% 3. Reduce damaging UV rays from entering your structure by 99.9% 4. Prolong the life of air conditioning units due to the reduction of its use 5. This is a “Green” technology that will save you money and protect the environment

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Suntec Marketing & Supplies. is a Malaysia Window Film Supplier. Our window films, have been exported to many parts of Malaysia. We have established ourselves as a premier supplier of quality window films to our customers and their customers alike.
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