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Frosting window film is an easy to apply self-adhesive vinyl which once applied, gives the appearance of frosted or etch glass to windows, doors and mirrors, and renders the glass opaque. Whether for privacy, to obscure an unsightly view or just to update an interior, there is no better material than frosted glass film. It will work on any smooth glass surface including double glazed units, and can be used anywhere in the house or office, including bathrooms and kitchens. Our window frosting film is durable and when correctly applied will last for many years. It is also easily removable which makes it ideal for rented accommodations.

Here are a few of your questions answered:

- The film is suitable for bathrooms
- It will not be affected by condensation
- Can be removed at a later stage
- Easily cut with a pair of scissors
- Easy to apply
- For internal use (but can be used outdoors with shorter lifespan)

Plain frosted film on window:

Our plain frosted window film is a very affordable and versatile material suitable for most applications, and allows 90% of light in. Once applied, the film will give you 24 hour privacy from either side of the glass. The film will look very subtle when looking from the outside as it is colourless, making it ideal for period properties.


1.High heat rate Differ from Curtain and shutter , a layer of heat insulation film can be equivalent to 24 centimetres walls heat insulation,it can block up above 79% heat may enter the house through the window.
2.Preserve the privacy It can keep your privacy, but also your living space free.
3.Winter to keep warm In the winter it can be 20 to 30% of heat reflection back to the house to make the house more warm and comfortable.
4.To protect furniture Window Film can be separated out 99% of aging caused by ultraviolet furniture to extend the furniture, flooring, curtains of life
5.Explosion-proof function.


Broken glass in the event of an accident, it can prevent the spatter scattered broken glass, thereby protecting the safety of you and his family.

1. energy-efficient: ( resist 49%-69% solar-thermal ), heat preservationwinter thermal efficiency it can save air condition power consumption and helps to lower energy costs.
2. Enviromental protection: insulate at least 99% of harmful UV rays, reduces interior fading (furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings) and helps minimize health risks
3. Scratch-resistant: long lasting durability,scrub resistance, acid and alkali-resistance, fire resistance, leakage-proof.
4. resist strong sunlight: controlled sunshine,and reduces sunshine pollution.
5. Easy to clean: not requie especial maintainance.
6. unidirectional prespective: build secret inner space, provides a natural exterior view.
7. easy stick and handle: window films is different from most of interior renovations, not interrupt your normal life. The working process is rapid and effective.

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