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An industry leader for over 35 years, Johnson Window Films has always stood out from the crowd. We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing outstanding window film products throughout the world. All of our window film products are manufactured in Southern California by Johnson Laminating and Coating, Inc.—an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Our ever-growing family of window film professionals share the common goals of personal success and making the world a cooler, more comfortable and safer place.

Our company's motto has long been "The Truth is in Our Films", because we use the best raw materials and manufacturing practices. Every roll of film from Johnson Window Films passes through a rigorous multi-step quality control process, which is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Try our films and let us know what you think. We are sure you will appreciate the care and dedication we put into every product we offer.


While many companies manufacture window film, Johnson®Window Films’ corporate philosophy transcends mere dollar and cents when it comes to why we do business. Money alone will not necessarily lead to business success nor employee or consumer satisfaction. No, the underlying reason why Johnson Window Films has been so successful for the past 30 years is that in its truest form, we supply products that have tangible benefit on people’s lives.


Window tinted films are a well known and common product nowadays. However, many are not aware of its benefits in detail towards our daily lives. Apart from that, in the community still many people short of the knowledge to differentiate type of window films. Our philosophy, we are to create the awareness of the people the importance of window tinting and to deliver the knowledge of the features of quality and non-quality window tinted films in the community.


In order to compete in today competitive market, we are committed to provide efficient and quality services to our customer. We are ready to answer the questions that might come across customer’s mind at anytime and to provide alternatives and solutions to them. On the other hand, the installation of window tinted films either on automobile or building will be strictly inspected by our Sales Personnel as part of the Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures so as to meet customer’s satisfaction. Lastly, all the installation of window tinted films will be backed up by a maximum of 5 years warranty for automobile & building.

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Suntec Marketing & Supplies. is a Malaysia Window Film Supplier. Our window films, have been exported to many parts of Malaysia. We have established ourselves as a premier supplier of quality window films to our customers and their customers alike.
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