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Security Window Film has it’s place for many businesses as well as home owners, whether you are protecting your structure from Vandalism, Hurricanes, Explosions or any other type of Glass Breakage our line of 008 Security Film is the right choice for your Safety Window Film needs. When regular Window Tinting or Privacy Film just won’t do, this is the option to keep you safe.

Our film minimizes the effects of shattered glass, it actually holds the glass together keeping the occupants of the structure safe from the injury unprotected shattered glass can cause. In today’s world with natural disasters and terrorist activities on the rise having a product that can protect the safety of the occupants inside is imperative.

After the test our Ceramic 50 Shield attained a performance condition of 2 which is extremely impressive, what that means is that the occupants behind the window would have no-hazard to a minimum hazard during a blast of that magnitude.

LT – Light Transmittance

ANSI – American National Standards Institute

TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejected

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Suntec Marketing & Supplies. is a Malaysia Window Film Supplier. Our window films, have been exported to many parts of Malaysia. We have established ourselves as a premier supplier of quality window films to our customers and their customers alike.
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