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Automotive Solar Window Film


PPF Car Paint Protective film

Explosion-proof Safety Film

Residential Solar
Window Film

Commercial Solar
Window Film


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We are trusted dealer authenticated by STEK Automotive Malaysia.

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Premium multi-layered window film

VISION 70S boasts a 15-layer (10-layer sputter) PET structure and outstanding heat-blocking properties, resulting in maximal comfort. With its robust, scratch-resistant coating, our premium window film provides exceptional clarity for a luxurious drive.

Heat reduction & UV protection

Clarity & haze

Lifetime Warranty

PPF Care with STEK Formula

14 Fusion
Paintwork cleanser, Cleans, glazes, & waxes, Hydrophobic & non-abrasive, Safe for PPF

16 Finish
Quick detailer, Hydrophobic, With UV protection, For wet & dry use

17 Slip Tac
Automotive film mounting solution, Slip-fitting concentration
Nontoxic, Anti-static & dust-resistant

18 Primer
Adhesive promoter, Strengthens bonds up to 300%, For self-adhering films & decals

Car Care Formula

We provide specific formula from STEK Automation for car care and coating service to ensure all parts of your car is perfectly protected.


STEK’s premium windshield film,
travel the world in crystal-clear protection

Permanently protect the most vulnerable and expensive part of your car

Equipped with crack-free shock absorption and impact dispersion technology

Extreme durability, outstanding resilience and zero cracking

Superb UV protection that protects your skin and vehicle interior

All-around weather resistance and superior hydrophobicity

Shrinkage-free installation performed by trained, certified installers

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